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Within a complex and overwhelming industry, what sets Cornerstone Retirement Partners’ services apart from other agencies?
Take a moment to read some thoughts from our clients who have worked with us over the last 18 years.

 Nancy is a woman who knows all about the maze of healthcare and can walk with you through it.  
- Sue B.

 Kristin is a very good listener and is very knowledgeable about the healthcare insurance industry. She is very dependable and organized and a pleasant person to work with.  
- Mary Ellen C. and Steve W.

 Nancy is cheerful, informative and helpful, going out to get answers for your questions.  
- Diane S.

 Kristin is honest, kind, and knowledgeable. I feel I can call her at any time if I have questions.  
- Claudia F.


 She has the ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable matter.  
- Kenneth C.

 Kristin is willing to go above and beyond to help her clients and our specific needs. She is smart and is willing to research to find answers to my questions.  
- Perry E.

 Her presentation is organized and very informative without being overwhelming. Nancy is outgoing, well informed and willing to go the extra mile!  
- Pamela B.

 Nancy is honest and very knowledgeable about her subjects and confident in the knowledge she has.  
- Jane H.


 Nancy is confident, honest, thorough, helpful, approachable and nonjudgmental.  
- Deb M.

 Nancy is thorough, organized and knowledgeable.  
- Tom A.

 Kristin is servant-hearted, willing to help others without judgement, intelligent, and knowledgeable about all aspects of health insurance. She is a great communicator and good listener.  
- Jill F.

 Nancy is very helpful, honest and very confident in the services she represents.  
- Robert S.


 Nancy will thoroughly explain both the process and the options. She responds promptly to your questions and researches materials to provide you with all the information needed. Nancy knows her stuff and is professional.  
- Janis W.

 Kristin is caring, sincere, respectful, knowledgeable, and easy to speak with. I greatly appreciate her help!  
- Gary T.

 Nancy is a wonderful resource who is necessary to help understand the complexities of Medicare. She has the ability to educate clients so they can make the right decision for their situation.  
- Richard and Arlene W.


 I knew so little about the Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans and the enrollment procedure, yet she made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. She knows her stuff. She instills confidence and makes what looks like a puzzle come together. Pleasant, knowledgeable, and friendly.  
- Ina M.

 Thank you so much for your very helpful expertise and efforts with my Medigap and Rx plan applications. Even though I felt I was familiar with my options, your assistance certainly helped me feel totally confident with my decisions. You've been a wonderful resource for both me and Ed, and I feel fortunate to have found you!  
- Angie P.

 From the initial seminar where I met Nancy, she has been professional and thorough. Every question was answered understandably and occasionally with humor (which is needed with Medicare as a topic). While I hemmed and hawed during the period prior to enrollment, Nancy followed up and responded to every concern. We talked through the plan options specific to my financial and physical health and selected programs that seem to be working well for me.

Frankly, I am amazed that Nancy and her staff have the time to resolve every small question I have had. That is hard to find with any business. Yesterday, I picked up another prescription at Meijer. The pharmacist (also nearing Medicare age) asked who I went with for my added coverage. "We never see that with Medicare" was his response to my one dollar copay. Kudos to you Nancy. I highly recommend Nancy Courser!  

- Mac M.

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